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Food for thought

Friends. Definitely an important part of school life. But to put things in perspective; you are in school to grow and get an education. Everything else is a bonus.

Now that I am in uni, I’ve had to get out of my comfort zone and try to make friends. Unlike high school, or wtv school you’ve been at for awhile, you might not have people that you can count on to come find you and initiate conversation with you. Now that a month has passed, I’ve realised that that is perfectly ok.

Sure its great to have a super close group of friends to do everything with and to always count on, but there are also positives to being friends with a lot of people and not “best” friends with a few.

Lots of people would bring up the “quality over quantity” debate. But I say, you get both. You get many friends that you can hang out with for different occasions and you can develop and grow your own “quality”. Now that I have a lot for time to myself, I’ve been able to pursue other interests, stay in touch with old friends and family, as well as meet new people.

I often sign up for excursions or activities even though there is not a single person I know who is going to be there. That I know takes courage. But I can promise that never once have I regretted going alone. 

I’ve always come back feeling like I’ve grown. I’ve made new memories, gained new experiences, and met new people.

Botton line is: its ok to float around and not have a group. Just because you haven’t found your niche yet, doesn’t mean you won’t. Make the best out of your lifestyle now. Explore, grow, be courageous.